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Are you a professional coach, consultant or speaker who is passionate about what you do, but struggle with feeling isolated and wish you had a community to give you helpful feedback, tips and support?

Then isn't it time you stopped going it alone and embraced a powerful, impactful community of other purpose-driven solopreneurs?

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you build your coaching, consulting or speaking business by focusing on the right steps, in the right order, while avoiding all the “shiny objects” along your path.

Our Core Values

•  Connect people

•  Inspire Positive Change

•  Serve with Purpose

•  Give Abundantly

•  Make an Impact


Develop your ideal client profile

Knowing what type of clients you want is important. Even more important is being able to clearly articulate who you want to work with, knowing where to find them and speaking their language. Use this guide to build a detailed Ideal Client Profile.

Convert your traffic into clients

What's more important... A beautiful website or a functional website? I think it's possible to have both. Learn the essential web pages you must have and the content that you need on each page in order to convert your visitors into clients.

Create additional revenue

Relying on client sessions for all your income can be frustrating and stressful. As a coach and business owner, you need to generate revenue from multiple sources. Discover some of the best sources of supplemental income for coaches.

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The Impactful Coaches Podcast is a collaboration between Brent Kay and Lynn Burns. Between the two of them they have over a decade experience coaching both clients and other coaches as well as hold multiple certifications in online marketing.

The mission of the Impactful Coaches Podcast is to help coaches, consultants and speakers who struggle to identify their ideal client, fill their schedule and market their services, master both mindset and skill-set, so they can enjoy a career they love while making an unbelievable impact.

Each season will focus on a major challenge heart-centered entrepreneurs face as Brent and Lynn break it down into simple action steps you can implement to successfully grow your business. Subscribe now if you want to take your business to the next level.

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